Friday, February 27, 2009

This day couldn't be any sadder...

For the past, almost, two years now, I have been teaching English to Japanese kids online. I have grown attached to the people I work with. But today, because of our present economic crisis, we are forced to part ways.

And if things can get any worse, I, together with my other remaining officemates, may also bid goodbye to what we have been doing for the past two years, in a couple of days.

I am blogging because I feel very depressed on how things are turning out. And I need to vent out hoping that someone will tell me everything will be okay even if it does not seem to be. I could not believe that when I go back to work next week it will be like coming in at work on a weekend. Yes, I still have work on a weekend but it's all good.

Now, I'm thinking of not spending so much on skincare and cosmetics and just stick for to reading your beauty reviews until the economy starts to come out of the hole that it has unwittingly dug.

My dearest fellow bloggers, please include me and my dear co-workers in your wishes and prayers. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

How do you cope with the present economic crisis?

How is it affecting you?


En エヌ said...

I am very sorry about what happened. The economy has really torn everyone apart. I hope you are able to keep in touch with your students and coworkers if the worst happens, and maybe start up again when things improve.

The yen is very strong right now so it actually works in our favor here in Japan, when it comes to traveling overseas or buying foreign cosmetics. But it seems like dosmetic prices are still increasing. Because Japanese products (cars and electronics in particular) are so expensive for those overseas, exports are suffering and companies are laying off many people. It's incredibly difficult to get a job right now, too, even though it's recruiting season for college students. But the dollar has gone up quite a bit these last couple days, so there is some hope.

Jae said...

Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear this. Things are just as hard here in the states, so I know exactly what you're going through. I have cut back on my spending significantly and have been trying like HELL to pack away emergency savings. I wish you all the best and I hope things recover soon, dear! *HUGS*

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i know the feeling!

im also an online english teacher & my boss asked me to be a part-timer instead of being a full-time teacher...

I was shocked with the news..but since i can't do anything about life must go on...

Much as i love my kids (yes!they are my kids), i dont have any choice on this matter...i just told them that if they need anything they can just ask me.

Then i started looking for other too...(btw, im a homebased teacher) that i can get to keep my job...but just to be on the safe side, i also tried applying for different companies too..

everything is gonna be ok...

Jae said...

Hello, dear!! I am very appreciative of you Fanny Serrano offer!! Thank you SO much.

I have a question for you, though.

Are there any drugstore items here in the US that you do not have access to that you're interested in? If so, would you like to do a swap?

Or would you just prefer me to send you a payment for the items?

Either way is fine with me. I have PayPal and a confirmed address. I have had successful swaps on MakeupAlley (if you care to see my tokens, let me know!) and 100% positive feedback on eBay.

Let me know what you'd like to, dear!! <33


Bunnie said...

Hey there! Thank you for following my blog! I'm sorry that things are rough for you right now, the economy is so scary at the moment. I hope things work out better for you in the near future! XOXO

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i am so sorry to hear
yes the economy isnt good right now

i also parted ways with my work place as they decided to move to hk to keep costs down. so i am not working anymore [stopped for a month or so now?]