Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gossip and more...

I haven't been posting for a while. I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl again. haha

I can't stop watching it. Last night, I watched at least 6 episodes from the latest season. Imagine my eyebags...

Anyway, I will try my best to post reviews of the latest items I have purchased. I also picked up from the post office, the lip essence I ordered from Adambeauty, almost 2 weeks ago. And, the Japanese cosmetics I pre-ordered arrived here in Manila last Saturday but I haven't had them delivered to my place yet. So, I will have lots of stuff to review in the coming days.

Also, the reason why I haven't posted an entry in the past few days is that I have been checking all the eyeshadow products from Adam Beauty and Good Dealer. I can't decide what to buy and from what shop will I buy my eye shadow palette from.

So, guys, do you also watch Gossip Girl?

Which character is your favorite?

What television show are you obsessed with?

What items have your ordered from Adam Beauty or Good Dealer?

I will wait for your answers. Comment away! :)


En エヌ said...

Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure. I hate teen dramas but can't get enough of GG. I mostly love the fashion and hairstyles! Blair is my favourite. Her maid, too. Who do you like?

I love Six Feet Under, Buffy, Law and Order, Project Runway and The Sopranos. I cannot wait for Dexter and True Blood to start up again. Never miss an episode of Ainori, either. =) Is Ainori broadcasted in the Philippines? I know it's shown in a lot of Asian countries.

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i watched only 1 season of GG alas

Eliza said...

I love watching Gossip Girl! Or at least I loved watching it. It just got a bit confusing in the more recent episodes. Have you read the books? Those are pretty good too!

Oh Adam Beauty! I just ordered more lipstick! =D

Eka said...

Hey En! Blair is my favourite too. She looks so pretty all the time and her clothes are too die for. I also like it watching scenes when she is with her beloved Doroda. I also love Project Runway. It's very addicting, we have a local version and its also addicting. Is True Blood the one about vampires? I heard that its like Twilight and have been planning to check it out.
Unfortunately, we don't have Ainori here. The only Japanese channel we have is NHK World, I think.

Eka said...

Hey Yumeko! After I watched the first season of GG I also stopped watching for a while. Sometimes, their problems seem too ridiculous. But I still love it! :)

Eka said...

Hey Eliza! You should watch GG again, just try to watch from were you left off, hehe I promise you won't regret watching it again. Anyway, I planned on reading the books but I want to buy the second hand ones. I'd rather spend more on Adambeauty. hehe I can't wait for your revs on the lippies you ordered. :)