Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm sorry if I made you feel panicked...

But, really, the earth needs our help...

Please join the Earth Hour which will be observed tonight, from 08:30-09:30pm.

Image created by Shepard Fairey for Earth Hour 2009

Thanks in advance guys and gals! :)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Newbie's Make Up Stash...

I'm not a totally make up newbie but I've been a non make up wearer for quite a few years. There was a point when I felt like it was pointless to wear make up. I guess, that stage, I was trying to love myself, imperfections and all. But when you're a girl, it is inevitable to stay away from make up. So I've been reincarnated to the cosmetics world and with almost no knowledge of make up.


Well, its hard to buy a lot of cosmetics nowadays because of the economic crisis but before all hell broke loose, I've accumulated quite a handful of cosmetic products. Mostly from Japanese brands and local drugstore brands.

I have, so far, acquired a couple of mascaras, (from Majolica Majorca and Kiss Me):

A pressed powder and a 2 way cake foundation (both from HBC, a local drugstore brand):

A powder blush-on (from Fashion 21, a local drugstore brand):

A concealer (from Fanny Serrano Cosmetics, local, somewhat drugstore brand):

An eyeshadow palette (from E.L.F.):

A lipstick (from Chanel):

A lipgloss(from Sugar Baby):

And something that works like a lip balm:

An eyelash curler (from Shu Uemura):

And a BB Cream (Etude House):

See how little and incomplete my make up stash is?

I know I still lack a few basic items but I don't know which ones to buy. Even if I follow a lot of beauty blogs I still feel lost and overwhelmed. The idea of shopping for make up excites me a lot but the moment I step inside the Department store or when I browse through the different online shops I feel overwhelmed so I sometimes buy things that I don't need. (Hmmm... is it just me?haha)

I guess I am like an empty make up kit waiting to be filled with wonderful goodies.

I need to read more, morE, moRE, mORE, MORE! hahaha

So I have a series of questions for you my dear reader/s, well hopefully there's more than so I can get a lot of help...

What cosmetics did you buy when you were just a newbie?

How did you become the make up lover you are right now?

What advise can you give me?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still here...

I have been busy with work and school lately. But I've also been doing a little cosmetics hauling every now and then because I'm preparing for a swap! I'm so excited because it will be my first.

I mostly bought stuff from Fanny Serrano, Fashion 21 and HBC. All local cosmetics! :) I can't wait to try another swap.

Of course I've been reading a lot of the blogs I'm following, so gals, don't stop blogging. Okay? hahaha

Anyway, what do you usually send when you swap with other make up bloggers?

If I were to swap with you what would you love to get?