Thursday, February 12, 2009

iWhite Mandarin Extreme Cleansing Balm

I've been using the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo mascara for almost two weeks now and I've spent more time in the bathroom than I usually do. I tried removing it with baby oil and petroleum jelly but it didn't really work. Meaning, I still looked like I was wearing mascara. So, now I am on the search for the best mascara remover that will also best suit my skin.

Let me introduce you to iWhite Mandarin Extreme Cleansing Balm. I got this last Sunday for P30.00 (less than a dollar) at SM Makati. I only bought a sample size to try out the product since it claims to "effectively melt make-up". I was too excited to try it out so I didn't think before making the purchase... hehe I also bought a small pot of Petroleum Jelly so I have a back up.
Again, I was too excited to try it out so I never really read the directions. The first time I used this, I washed my face with water then applied the balm. The stuff itself looks like liquified orange jelly and smells like orange too, hence the sticker at the upper right corner of the packaging. It smells good enough for you to taste a bit of it. So after a minute, I tried to rinse it off. But it didn't rinse off easily because, again I didn't read the back much just knew about this last night, it contains "Mandarin Orange Peel Oil " and "Olive Fruit Oil". So, imagine washing your face with olive oil and rinsing it afterwards. It doesn't feel like you really rinsed it off.
Before using the cleansing balm

It was quite stupid of me to, after my first attempt, dry off my face and apply the cleansing balm again. I rinsed it off again and then used my daily facial wash to remove the cleansing balm entirely. So by now, you must know that it wasn't all successful, on the cleansing balm's part because I used facial wash afterwards. Or was it successful?

After using the cleansing balm twice then rinsing it off entirely with facial wash.

And update: I just used it tonight. I followed the instructions and it remove my mascara. It just softened it a bit so I had to use the cleansing balm twice then use my facial wash. So I guess have to keep on searching.

But overall, it wasn't so bad. So if you're curious you can try it out for yourself and maybe it'll work for you.

And I just read from the local iWhite website that there's this 5-Step Botanical Skin Care System so I guess maybe that would help to. iWhite website:

By the way, what MU removers have you tried to remove your mascaras? Any suggestions? :)


Anonymous said...

1st time visitor to your blog :) Pretty cool! Where did you purchase your Majolica Majorca? Been wanting to try this for quite a while. :)

gingerbee said...

Hm, I usually just use the L'Oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make-up remover, or VMV's Soft and Swift Make-Up Remover. :)

But, when all else fails, just glob on Pond's Cold Cream. ;)

En エヌ said...

On the high-end, Lancome and YSL's makeup removers work quite well. They're the wipe-off types (not actual wipes but the kind that you pour a little onto a cotton sheet and wipe your eye).

Lately, I've been using Mandom's Cleansing Express Moist ( which is also a wife-off type, followed by Shiseido's Perfect Liquid makeup remover wash ( I don't remember the exact prices of the products but they're very affordable. I mostly wear Lancome's waterproof mascaras which require heavy duty remover. I used to use Biore's Perfect oil which also worked very well but always left a film over my eyes.

(Thank you for visting my blog, btw!)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i tried everything hahahah majomajo is terrible to get rid of

fuzkittie and angie reccomended me Lancome bifacil and i think its the best for it so far [to remove eye makeup]

my HG wipes are Biore wipes and they do a good job removing it too.

VanityMakeup said...

I use my Redwin Wipes or Clinique MU Remover


ning * star said...

hi dear,I shall post my review on this mascara in my upcoming post... so that u can see how it works...

have a nice day <3

Eka said...

Hey gals! I'm going to try everything you recommended me. I am tired of rubbing my eyes and having to wash my face twice. But I still love my Majo Majo mascara. hehe

Khymm said...

Hi Eka! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I have that Majorlica mascara! I like it coz my lashes really look like falsies! The only thing I don't like coz its really hard to remove.. =P i only use cotton pad with baby oil..