Friday, February 27, 2009

This day couldn't be any sadder...

For the past, almost, two years now, I have been teaching English to Japanese kids online. I have grown attached to the people I work with. But today, because of our present economic crisis, we are forced to part ways.

And if things can get any worse, I, together with my other remaining officemates, may also bid goodbye to what we have been doing for the past two years, in a couple of days.

I am blogging because I feel very depressed on how things are turning out. And I need to vent out hoping that someone will tell me everything will be okay even if it does not seem to be. I could not believe that when I go back to work next week it will be like coming in at work on a weekend. Yes, I still have work on a weekend but it's all good.

Now, I'm thinking of not spending so much on skincare and cosmetics and just stick for to reading your beauty reviews until the economy starts to come out of the hole that it has unwittingly dug.

My dearest fellow bloggers, please include me and my dear co-workers in your wishes and prayers. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

How do you cope with the present economic crisis?

How is it affecting you?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweets for my Sweet...

Today, I started thinking of dieting. I badly need to lose weight before summer comes so I can look decent in a monokini. But I also started to think of those things that I will miss out on once I started dieting. Imagine not being able to eat rice often, or skipping out on yummy but greasy pizza. And eating spaghetti with loads of cheese on it. Plus, I still had some Japanese chocolates I brought back home from my Hong Kong trip last January and I certainly could not just stare at them while they rot away.

I love Japanese chocolates, they are not too sweet and every packaging has is cute! I bought a enough to fill my overnight bag. I must have spent a good amount of money on these chocolates.

So, while I try my hardest not to stuff myself with chocolates and other what-not... could you please share with me, what your favorite Japanese chocolates are? And why do you love them?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gossip and more...

I haven't been posting for a while. I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl again. haha

I can't stop watching it. Last night, I watched at least 6 episodes from the latest season. Imagine my eyebags...

Anyway, I will try my best to post reviews of the latest items I have purchased. I also picked up from the post office, the lip essence I ordered from Adambeauty, almost 2 weeks ago. And, the Japanese cosmetics I pre-ordered arrived here in Manila last Saturday but I haven't had them delivered to my place yet. So, I will have lots of stuff to review in the coming days.

Also, the reason why I haven't posted an entry in the past few days is that I have been checking all the eyeshadow products from Adam Beauty and Good Dealer. I can't decide what to buy and from what shop will I buy my eye shadow palette from.

So, guys, do you also watch Gossip Girl?

Which character is your favorite?

What television show are you obsessed with?

What items have your ordered from Adam Beauty or Good Dealer?

I will wait for your answers. Comment away! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mandom, Kiss Me and Canmake

I'm so happy! My pre-ordered items from Beauty Cosme ( arrived yesterday. So hopefully, I can get them officially by Wednesday. Here are the items that I bought, photos are from

If you live in the Philippines and you want to get hold of Japanese products (cosmetics, skincare, etc.) you can drop by her site and pre-order from her. The lead time is only one week so it's really fast. Plus, you're sure that your items will arrive and they're secure upon arrival. If she asks were you learned about her site, tell her Ericka from recommended you to her.

Anyway, I'll do a proper review on these items in the coming days, so stay tuned. :)

P.S.= I just borrowed these pictures from her site so please don't use them on your site or claim them as your own. Thanks heaps!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

iWhite Mandarin Extreme Cleansing Balm

I've been using the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo mascara for almost two weeks now and I've spent more time in the bathroom than I usually do. I tried removing it with baby oil and petroleum jelly but it didn't really work. Meaning, I still looked like I was wearing mascara. So, now I am on the search for the best mascara remover that will also best suit my skin.

Let me introduce you to iWhite Mandarin Extreme Cleansing Balm. I got this last Sunday for P30.00 (less than a dollar) at SM Makati. I only bought a sample size to try out the product since it claims to "effectively melt make-up". I was too excited to try it out so I didn't think before making the purchase... hehe I also bought a small pot of Petroleum Jelly so I have a back up.
Again, I was too excited to try it out so I never really read the directions. The first time I used this, I washed my face with water then applied the balm. The stuff itself looks like liquified orange jelly and smells like orange too, hence the sticker at the upper right corner of the packaging. It smells good enough for you to taste a bit of it. So after a minute, I tried to rinse it off. But it didn't rinse off easily because, again I didn't read the back much just knew about this last night, it contains "Mandarin Orange Peel Oil " and "Olive Fruit Oil". So, imagine washing your face with olive oil and rinsing it afterwards. It doesn't feel like you really rinsed it off.
Before using the cleansing balm

It was quite stupid of me to, after my first attempt, dry off my face and apply the cleansing balm again. I rinsed it off again and then used my daily facial wash to remove the cleansing balm entirely. So by now, you must know that it wasn't all successful, on the cleansing balm's part because I used facial wash afterwards. Or was it successful?

After using the cleansing balm twice then rinsing it off entirely with facial wash.

And update: I just used it tonight. I followed the instructions and it remove my mascara. It just softened it a bit so I had to use the cleansing balm twice then use my facial wash. So I guess have to keep on searching.

But overall, it wasn't so bad. So if you're curious you can try it out for yourself and maybe it'll work for you.

And I just read from the local iWhite website that there's this 5-Step Botanical Skin Care System so I guess maybe that would help to. iWhite website:

By the way, what MU removers have you tried to remove your mascaras? Any suggestions? :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

With Adam Comes Beauty: Part I

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the person who started or invented online shopping. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Special mention to Paypal, too.

I have been an occasional online shopper for the past few years, but I have not tried buying cosmetics online. Let alone, from brands with instructions that I can hardly read.

Since I can not stop myself from my current obsession with Japanese cosmetics, I searched and stumbled upon's entry about shopping for Japanese cosmetics. She mentioned, you guessed it,, as one of her recommendations.

So, for the past few weeks I have been lingering around I've been trying to stop myself from buying anything online at this point because I am awaiting several pre-order purchases for Korean and Japanese cosmetics. But the shopaholic in me was unstoppable so I succumbed to its call.

Yes, I placed an order at

But I did not spend more than $7.00.

I just wanted to satisfy my shopping pangs. I also wanted to make sure that it is safe from someone who lives in Manila, Philippines, to order from without using EMS.

Yes, I did not use EMS... hehe I know its a gamble but $7.00 was all that was left in my Paypal account. So, I had to make do with what I have.

What did I order? Lemme show you...

I bought a Kiss Me Softsense Jelly lip essence... hehe It was cute looking and cheap enough to gamble on.

Moving on, I chose to pay through Paypal and ship through Hong Kong Post Registered Mail. So I'm hoping it would arrive in less than two weeks. HOPEFULLY...

It is very easy to shop at Adambeauty because it is well organized and everything is explained to you before you do anything that is life altering. And it has a bit of everything.

So, until then, keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?