Sunday, March 25, 2012

Too much of something...

I am not sure if I had too much of one thing or if it's a common thing among the ones that I have tasted. My ideal cupcake would be something that's moist yet light. It should be flavorful but not too sweet and buttery or both. Unfortunately, most of the cupcakes I tasted today didn't have the texture I want. A lot of them were too moist that I thought I was eating a fudge brownie. I forgot to mention that I tasted mostly red velvet cupcakes because I'm still looking for the one that will be second best to Sonja's red velvet delights. Even the red velvet cupcake that's been making a buzz lately disappointed me a bit. The taste was there but it wasn't the red velvet cupcake I was looking for.

I guess, everybody has his or her own cupcake, to be specific, red velvet cupcake, so it's up to the consumer as to which one he or she will like. Maybe I should have tried a different cupcake flavor to taste test, like a vanilla cupcake, but I thought it might be too plain tasting and not worth the trouble I had to go through just to get to that event.

And, I forgot to mention the price, a lot of them for me were a bit overpriced.

Anyway, I guess the search goes on, or maybe I should stop taste testing other cupcakes.

Maybe, if I was just there to enjoy each cupcake, they'd all be yummy in their own way.

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