Monday, June 15, 2009

Wanted: HK Shopping Buddy

First stop, I have to thank Miumiu for replying to my question. Her HK shopping guide will be very helpful in planning my shopping agenda. But I am still scared to go to HK alone. I'm always with my family and I even give them the directions. We were just there last January so I'm pretty sure I still know my way around HK but I am getting really paranoid.

First, I am opting to stay in a guesthouse/hostel to spare more money for shopping, but really, I'm in a tight budget. Second, there have been two abductions that happened to tourists this year and the accid attacks in Mongkok. Third, I am getting really paranoid, what if I get mental block and forget the directions, etc?

I do not want to cancel my trip again, so I am hoping that i can find a travel buddy or a blogger from Hong Kong who can show me around even for just half of the day, just so I can refresh my memory and gain back my confidence.

Any bloggers out there going to Hong Kong on the second week of August?

Any bloggers from Hong Kong willing to show me around even just for half the day? I'll treat you for lunch, breakfast and bus or MTR fare.

Anybody want to be my shopping buddy?

Pretty please... anybody?

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En エヌ said...

Shopping in HK sounds very exciting. I hope you're able to find someone to help you.