Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beauty Credit: Charcoal Nose Pore Cleansing Patch

It's been a couple of weeks now since I last posted a beauty review. Hmmm... maybe not, but it're reallybeen a while since I posted something beauty related. Aside from being busy with school work, I've also been addicted to playing Restaurant City. I can't explain why its addicting so you should try it out yourself. Actually, I'm writing this blog while my resto in Restaurant City is running. Need to get 10,000 customers!!!! *insert greedy laugh* hehehe

My resto in Restaurant City. I named it "Oishii ne". :)

If anybody is playing or has Restaurant City please add me up in facebook, I badly need some tomatoes, pumpkins and chili.

Let's move on to main reason of this entry. Presenting the Charcoal Nose Pore Cleansing Patch from Beauty Credit.

You can also buy this in a pack of three or four, I think.

This review has been long overdue since I already tried this last month. I got it in Watson's SM Mall of Asia for P35.00, 60 cents or more when translated to US dollar.

I was planning on getting more directions from the Beauty Credit website: but their English website was not available.

Beauty Credit's Korean website

So I just relied on the SA's instructions. I was planning on including a li'l background about Beauty Credit since the brand only arrived in the Philippines recently and they only have one stall w/c is inside SM MOA's Watson's. What attracted me to try this prod was the packaging... as usual.

It's acutally simple but I like the drawing very much.

And my curiosity for Korean branded products because I've only tried their BB cream and nail polish. The nose strip looks like your typical nose strip, except that it has charcoal in it. I already tried a similar nose strip but it didn't work so well from me.

I didn't want to ruin the packaging so I tore off the top portion.

I followed the SA instructions dilligently, which is to wet my nose and the pore strip before I put it on my nose. I thought to myself maybe the reason why the Bench charcoal pore strip didn't work so well before was because I didn't wet the strip before I detached it from the plastic film. So it was hard for me to remove it from the film and I ended up wasting more than half of the strip.

Anyway, I hoped for the better for this one since I was confident that the SA gave me the right intstructions. But lo and behold...

Such a waste...
A lot of the charcoal cream thing remained on the plastic film and...

it was so messy to put on. If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see that the sides of my nose was temporarily stained by the charcoal cream thing. It was not a joy putting this on.

I waited for it to harden and it worked like a typical nose strip. Except it was messy and wasteful.

You'll buy this because:
1) The price is quite alright.
2) The packaging is cute enough.
3) It works like a typical nose pore strip. Not so bad at all...

You won't buy this because...
1) Bench has a cheaper version, it sells for P22.00, I think.
2) It's messy to put on and you'll waste most of that charcoal cream thing...
3) It doesn't do anything special.
4) You're better off using a typical white nose pore strip.

I guess history does repeat itself and I never learned from my experience with the previous charcoal pore strip. I'll just buy the regular white one. It's so addictive when you finally can remove the hardened strip from your nose and see all those... you know what I mean! heheh

Got any suggestions, ladies?

Are you also addicted to using pore strips?


Eliza said...

Hey Eka!
I'm playing Restaurant City too! I'm so addicted! Like every 3 hours I have to go check to see if my employees are still alive and working! We should add each other!

I have very few problems with my pores so I have only used 1-2 nose strips before. I like eye masks better!

Oooh! Beauty Credit looks so interesting! Sadly the english site isn't working for me either!

Eka said...

Hey Eliza, I've been trying to look for your blog but I can't view your blogger profile. I want to add you to my Restaurant City. I need more friends! heheh Anyway, I hope you get to read this. Please give me your blog link so I can just message you in your blog account with my Facebook account. :)

Eliza said...

Hey Eka!
That's weird that you can't see my profile! I don't know what you mean by blog link but you can email me at with your facebook name. Yay! More Restaurant City friends!

Blair said...

Hey Eka,

Restaurant City sounds fun! I hope you get more food? friends? customers? haha

We also have Beauty Credit in Malaysia, but shop that I went to doesn't look nice at all

hevn said...

Whoaa, the restaurant City looks fun!!!

Anyway I really like pore strips too but I find that they don't really pull out anything for me. But I'm totally loving the Faceshop's mud nose pack, cheap and it works pretty well.

crizon said...

i just bought awhile ago this nose strip from Watsons at MOA... i learned this product while searching some information on Goo Hye Sun aka Geum Jandi of Boys Over Flowers... she actually endorses Beauty Credit... i think you got it wrong... you don't need to wet the nose strip but rather your nose only... the SA told me just to wet the nose part... it is just like the bench nose strip which works finely also... maybe that is the reason why a lot of the charcoal cream remained on the plastic film... but i'm still trying this... hopefully this will work finely...

by the why i'm also trying to level up my restaurant city... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I happen to chance on your blog while looking for reviews on charcoal pore strips. I just found this brand Puretree that seems to work for me, my local store was selling it for $10 for 3 packets, 6 pieces in each pack. Not sure if you can buy it online? It doesn't tear at all when you pull it off, and so far it's the most effective pore strip I've used, even better than Biore.

She S. said...

hi!!! i dont have also idea when i first try this kind of nose trip or this kind of product!!! i just amaze co'z the 1st tym that i tried this all u think or all we think we've got wrong!! coz im not just amazed i also addicted... we enjoyed this to sent to try to exposed this product in all network thats all tnx!!