Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Newbie's Make Up Stash...

I'm not a totally make up newbie but I've been a non make up wearer for quite a few years. There was a point when I felt like it was pointless to wear make up. I guess, that stage, I was trying to love myself, imperfections and all. But when you're a girl, it is inevitable to stay away from make up. So I've been reincarnated to the cosmetics world and with almost no knowledge of make up.


Well, its hard to buy a lot of cosmetics nowadays because of the economic crisis but before all hell broke loose, I've accumulated quite a handful of cosmetic products. Mostly from Japanese brands and local drugstore brands.

I have, so far, acquired a couple of mascaras, (from Majolica Majorca and Kiss Me):

A pressed powder and a 2 way cake foundation (both from HBC, a local drugstore brand):

A powder blush-on (from Fashion 21, a local drugstore brand):

A concealer (from Fanny Serrano Cosmetics, local, somewhat drugstore brand):

An eyeshadow palette (from E.L.F.):

A lipstick (from Chanel):

A lipgloss(from Sugar Baby):

And something that works like a lip balm:

An eyelash curler (from Shu Uemura):

And a BB Cream (Etude House):

See how little and incomplete my make up stash is?

I know I still lack a few basic items but I don't know which ones to buy. Even if I follow a lot of beauty blogs I still feel lost and overwhelmed. The idea of shopping for make up excites me a lot but the moment I step inside the Department store or when I browse through the different online shops I feel overwhelmed so I sometimes buy things that I don't need. (Hmmm... is it just me?haha)

I guess I am like an empty make up kit waiting to be filled with wonderful goodies.

I need to read more, morE, moRE, mORE, MORE! hahaha

So I have a series of questions for you my dear reader/s, well hopefully there's more than so I can get a lot of help...

What cosmetics did you buy when you were just a newbie?

How did you become the make up lover you are right now?

What advise can you give me?

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applecider918 said...

I'm in the same boat as you. Actually I think I have even less.. =]

En エヌ said...

The first thing I bought was Shiseido the Makeup lipgloss and an eyelash curler. But I didn't regularly wear makeup until my final years of university and even then, it was mostly mascara and maybe eyeshadow. It's only recently that I started to get interested in makeup.

There are so many things to choose from these days. I think it helps to decide on a budget first, then consult beauty magazines or check out makeup websites/catalogs to see what the new collections will offer. Maybe keep a beauty expenses book.

Fifi said...

I am still building my makeup stash too. I am a newbie with makeup :D

In my country most girls my age don't even wear makeup. My friends were all overwhelmed by the amount of makeup iproducts I bought every week. But to compare my stash with lots of beauty bloggers outthere, it's NOTHING! (an excuse to make me feel less guilty)

I started out buying american drugstore products. But now I'm lemming Japanese & Korean products more :)

Eliza said...

I believe the first piece of makeup was lipgloss for me. I was really into BonneBell so all the lip stuff I got was from there. I sometimes still buy some of their lip balms because it's so cute. Then I bought mascara but all American brands until I really got into the Japanese stuff. MAC is pretty good too. I like MAC for it's quality and sometimes because it's exclusive collections.

I think as a starter, you should always begin with the natural looking stuff that really compliments your skintone colour and then get into the funky stuff. And thank goodness for all the beauty blogs out there! Great resources to see if the product is right!

Kaye said...

I didn't wear makeup till my 2nd year in college, and it was mainly just face powder and lipgloss!

Now I think I have too much. :)

sushiflower said...

i love your post.:) i'm also starting my makeup collection.. it's good to invest in a budget-friendly but high quality finds.

most of the stuff i have are american drugstore brands (which were mostly given to me.haha).. but the first makeup that i bought for myself was the 78 eyeshadow palette from Dollface Cosmetics ( and mineral makeup from Ellana Minerals ( Great investment in a very reasonable price:))

watching makeup tutorials in youtube and reading beauty blogs really inspired me to become a makeup junkie.:)

i guess this is a learning process.. haha imma follow ur blog and i'm looking forward to your posts.:) btw, here's mine.

xoxo :))